Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Schedule

Welp kids, i started my new jobs. And as tiring as it is, it is nice to have a busy schedule. Let me run you through it:

6:30 am-- arise, shower, get ready, eat.

7ish am-- head out the door and travel to my day job.

7:45ish am-- arrive at work. Caroba Plastics, I do assembly and inspection of all the pieces made.

8:00 am- Start work......

11:30 am-- lunch

12:00 pm-- back to work

4:00 pm-- finish work. (it goes pretty fast, but it is a fast pace job and actually really kills my back because we are standing the whole time, but my body just needs to adjust.

4:30 pm-- arrive home, quick snack and quick massage in massage chair.

5:00 pm-- Start work for my internship with Poobah Marketing

7:00ish pm-- usually finish, get some dinner

7:30 pm-- go to the gym

8:30 pm-- come home, crank out some of my online class

9:30 pm- get ready for bed and lights out....

so this is the schedule I hope to keep, as well as drinking plenty of water and maybe getting in a little sportscenter or history channel.

It is hectic, but I love the pace and I love that I have things to do now, I feel established and like I am accomplishing a lot. This internship with Poobah is going to be amazing. It has just been two days, but I am already getting a lot of information that will help me career wise down the road. I help and specialize in the social media and multimedia work under one of my bosses. He is teaching how to work effectively and productively so that I can bring the best results to our clients. I am pretty pumped. I am so happy because I have actually found something in the business world that intrigues me. I love reading about social media, SEO and other tech babble. On my breaks at the plastic factory, I find my self on my RSS hub app reading on CNET.

I never thought I would make to this point where I find something business related to actually be very interesting. I am rambling on, but that is just because I am really excited for my future and the potential I now have because I have found a passion.

Life is good, like I said, my back is still pretty stiff and sore, but over time it will get better, just needs to take some getting use to, some stretching and epson salt baths..haha.

The job hunt was frustrating, I was getting really annoyed that nothing was happening, but now I have plenty, and will make enough to return to college this spring, so it is a true blessing. what I find funny is that once I got these jobs, all these other places I had applied at called back. Annoying, but at the same time, all those other jobs would have required sunday work, or weird shifts and pay, so ultimately, this, the jobs i have, are truly a blessing and miracle from Heavenly Father.

I love being home. Last winter I was home, but my job sucked. I was working 3 30 to midnight everyday filing papers, so I never saw my brother or mom. they would go to school or work and I would do online classes, and by the time I left for work, they would just be getting home. Now I get to have dinner with them, and talk with my mom and let her know how I am doing and catch up. It feels really good.

All I can say is that I am really blessed, I am really thankful for everything that has been provided for me and I will not take it for granted. Heavenly Father is looking out for all of His children, it just requires patience and faith to see the end results :)

Until next time,


http://mormon.org/me/3XB7/ ( this is my mormon.org profile, take a look, and if you are mormon, make one!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Having a (good) case of the Mondays.

Well guys today was a good day. I am the newest member of Poobah Marketing.(www.poobahmarketing.com check it out!) I will be interning for them and learning more about SEO, mobile and social media marketing. I am really excited to have this experience and learn more about what I want to do as a future career. This internship is going to give me great experience and I will be able to continue to do it while I am at school, so I am pretty stoked.

I am just working on getting a second job now to fill my time and make money, so I can actually go back to college, haha. I also have my online class, The Developing World. It is going to be more work than it should be for a 2 credit class, so that will get old, but then again it is my last general ed class, so that's nice!

So along with the class and job situations, the diet is still going strong. I am feeling good. Actually last Saturday we went out as a family, it was the first meal I have had in a week that contained white flour. I am so used to whole wheat or grain, that it kinda hurt my stomach and I got full after 2 slices! that is a record for me, and it was a good sign. I feel a lot better when i eat healthier, so its going great. Exercise is kicking my trash, me and pops did a crazy work out on Saturday, my legs are still sore. haha.

so today was good, to cap it off, i was stoked to watch the BSC championship game, thinking it would be a real good entertaining game.....but it wasn't. fortunately, someone saved the day and made it end right. I got a phone call from Tay Evans, and it was real nice catching up with her and seeing how school is going. I miss her a lot. So I am glad we got to chat, ill do that any day!

The idea of "having a case of the mondays" was in opposite effect for me. So a great monday, filled with the blessings of a job, filled with the blessings of a family who support and pray for me daily, and filled with the blessings of friends I care about a lot.

Until next time....


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update would be Great

Hey kiddos. Its me, curtis. hows about an update? ok great. Well, so far so good. Three main things in my life right now, and they go as follows......


I have officially started the diet and exercise plan. I will tell you, its pretty hard. I am working out daily, cardio and lifting. Doing about an hours worth. My eating habits have changed as well. First off, I am keeping a log of everything i eat, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, and the snacks inbetween. But the only thing that ive had that is not good so far was half of a york mint patty my mom gave me at Sherlock Holmes 2 the other night. lucky me. haha. anyway, meals have consisted alot of fruits, veggies, and whole wheat grains. Brown rice is actually pretty good too, did not think it would be. But i definitely am more hungry a lot of the time. But its a good hungry, and i will do and grab some carrots, instead of treats that turn to instant sugar or carbs. So all is well in the diet and exercise world of Curtis Spear. That lady in that picture above seems to really enjoy that apple. I prefer red ones, but that is beside the point.


Since I am not at school, and not enjoying a constant social life, I have decided to fill my time with new things. I still watch sports, and A&E has this cool show, Storage Wars, well i like it alot. Anyway, we talked tonight as a family about using our time wisely, and purposefully. I feel that reading is a great way to do that. When i am not doing my online class, or working(which will happen soon, see below) i want to spend my time reading or listening to books. I just finished listening to a book called Heaven is for Real. It is a true story about a young boy who died shortly and came back to life while in the hospital, and about his experience in "heaven" it was from a christian family, but still very inspiring and thought provoking. i would refer it. But my next book of choice, besides the scriptures, is going to be The Hunger Games series. Everyone seems to have read them and a movie is coming out, so why not give it a shot? Ill let you know how that is going. (Why did i pick a book with the word hunger in it, when im trying to lose weight? i have no clue, guess it will be my reminder. )


So when i went to Bing, or google search the phrase "create a job" this showed up..... this guys job must rock. Anyway, i am currently unemployed. I could get any type of job for the winter, but i would really like to get something that would look good on my resume, give me experience or a possible paid internship. i have sent my resume and cover letters to many companies and look forward to hearing back. if push comes to shove i will find something. Back to why i binged "create a job" While i have this time, i am going to create a job when i can make money and increase my experience which will not only bless me financially, but also help my professional career develop. I am not going to give out any clues as to what i am doing now, it is in the making, but as i create and prepare my business, ill keep you guys posted. I am pretty excited about it and look forward to seeing how it goes.

All in all, life is good, i love being with my family, i do miss my friends. it will be weird not being with them up at school, but that is the way that it is. i can use this time now to bless others and myself. Until next time....


Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Years Resolution

Well people....we all have new years resolutions. we all have plans and goals that we plan on, but usually do not fulfill. some people do great, others struggle. the question is what should i do? i could say that i want to be nicer to people, or do more service, look for ways to make others happy, blah, blah, blah. but guess what? In my church, and most churches we are taught to do this on a regular basis. I should not use the new year as a scape goat to say i will do that, i am going to do either way. that is who i am, that is how i was raised, and it is what i believe and know to be true. now what is a goal that i find realistic and potentially hard, but rewarding and possible? lets find out.

Back in highschool, i was a twig, skinny and athletic. I had one knee surgery, got through it and starting getting in shape again. had a second knee surgery, this one took me out. after this surgery, i did not play tennis my senior year, did not get in shape like usual, plus it was my senior year. did alot more goofing around then anything else. then it was off to college, with a freshman meal plan. oh boy, can you imagine? freshman year consisted of lack of sleep, some school, eating, energy drinks, and more eating. it is safe to say, i was gaining weight.

But what makes it even worse? eating wise at least. a 2 year church mission served in northern california. not only is there in-n-out burger joints everywhere, but we would have dinner every night with a different member of our church. and since we came over, it was a special occasion, so we got dessert as well. 7 days a week. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, these meals were a true blessing and sacrifice from our church members, and i am truly grateful for their gratitude and support of the missionary program in our church. the problem was, we ate alot, and usually mormon missionaries are on bikes. but throughout my two year mission, i spent about 22 months of it in a car. our areas were big, so biking did not make sense. So add that all together and who was once a 19 year old, 175 pounder, comes back 2 years later, a 21 year old 215 chunk.

It is not that i got super big, i got what one would call a "beer belly" but without drinking the beer. i still play sports, but i was lugging around a keg. i have gotten used to being a little overweight, and i do not mind teasing myself about it. When people talk about having muscles and in shape, i say, "who would want a 6 pack, when you could have a keg?"(as i rub my stomach) but this has gotten to the point of annoyance. I am not as healthy as i should be, i do not have the endurance i once had, and i dont like looking a chunky boy in a bathing suit. (see pictures above.) haha

my goal for 2012, specifically starting this winter hardcore, is to lose weight and get in shape. i am home this winter, working and taking one online class. my community has 4 recreation centers and workout gyms, i can eat alot healthier being with my family, (budget wise) and have time to get those things done.

Right now i weigh between 210 and 215 pounds. My goal by the end of winter is to be around 180 to 185. I want to exercise 5 days a week, cardio and lifting, along with swimming as well. I want to dedicate myself to getting healthy, eating healthy and building a routine and habits that will benefit me physically and spiritually.

I will need your help. please remind me via text, facebook, ect. i will assume that if you are teasing me about it, you are doing it out of love. i know i can do this and i want to. and i know i have the family and friends to support me in this.

Lets make this a good year, lets set good goals and lets accomplish them. Happy New Year everyone!