Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If You Were The Coach

Hey Guys,

Taylor K and I have started up a website where we create sports polls and commenting to occur. We will be posting new polls daily that have something to do with a major call or game that occurred in the sports world.

Please take a chance to go and check out the website and share it with your friends. We are excited to get this idea going and really spread the word.



Thanks guys!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday

Hello Friends,

I want to talk to you guys about something you will probably find silly, but I still enjoy. It is something called Wildlife Wednesday. Me and my good friend, Skyler, have always had a niche for weird things and one day we had this great idea. We wanted people to wear those cheesy wildlife shirts and be proud of them. I like animals, but I am no animal rights person, I mainly just think these shirts are funny and a cool way to unite with friends and other people at school. I have met and made new friends through doing this. The shirts are always a good convo starter. So although some people make fun of me, I am glad we do it because it is fun and it is harmless and enjoyable. I love coming to school on wednesdays and seeing what people will have. So enjoy it, and try to get a cool animal shirt. Ill put some pics below. Enjoy and Happy Huntings. (hahaha)