Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogging.....isn't it about time?

Blogging, havent done it in a while. but thats ok because life has been pretty dang busy. Back in mid april i started school back up at BYU-Idaho and it has been by far the busiest, but still fun semester of my college career. I am taking 15 credits, and done with generals so just into my core classes which is pretty exciting. I am still working for the school grounds crew doing landscaping and getting a nice farmers tan. I also was able to pick up another job. The company i interned for in the winter, Poobah Marketing, hired me on to do part time work while here at school. I pretty much work with the social media and video optimization for all of our clients. it is really cool and it is great experience. So between school and two jobs, life is pretty hectic, but as you will see below.....i am still having a great time. I think being busy is better for me because i dont really waste as much time as i used to. I do not feel that i have really had a real break, i might take breaks but there is always something that needs to be done whether school or work related, but i love it and am having a blast.

Life has been really good to me lately. I am thankful for a family that loves me and prays for me daily. I KNOW that their prayers make a difference in how my life is going, so i am very blessed. I am also very thankful for loyal friends and people i can count on. I have seen friends and acquaintances go through some great learning experiences lately and it has been amazing to see them handle the problems they face. It has been a great learning process for me, and they have been great examples to me of dedication and hard work. Life is good, and i hope yours is too. Life is what you make it, and i make mine good. :) 

 should i jump?
 oh yeah, i was in a motorcycle rally with 400 motorcycles...but i was on scooter.
 sammie, one of the coolest girls alive
 some good old dutch oven chicken and potatoes!
 3 of my favs, courto, sammie and TK
 we went to a monster truck rally, so we dressed the part
 sunday hike in the mtns
 got this shirt for my bday from this lovely lady
 thumbs up to a good day with nate
 dropping a chair. hardcore
 post jump, keepin it freshhhhh
 they made this pinata for cinco de mayo. amazing
 im gonna throw this skeet over them mountains
 dong cheap!!!
 scoot scoot
 yippeee kye yay ....or however you spell it
 i had a pet dog for a total of 2 hours. her name was sweet pea
 comb over....
 the back yard
 FHE bday party
 i missed
 bday party. best friends ever
 whales and the forest
i have no idea what is going on....

but friends, i hope you enjoyed this. ill try to be better about blogging...see you in 6 months...haha. 

"the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are" - Joseph Campbell