Saturday, August 27, 2011

summers winding down.

can i just say that i am not excited for summer to end? ok because i will. this summer has been great. i will not lie. i have had a great time working, seeing friends and just relaxing. as of late i have been spending my open time at the sandbar in st. anthony. the sandbar is a little area where you can swim on the river, there is also a diving board. so it has been pretty fun. i could lie to you and talk about all the sweet tricks i can do off of it, but i wont. i tried a front flip, no good. i tried a backflip...if you even want to call it that. either way, i like jumping off of it. and being with my buddies. summer, please do not end, but at the same time, i cant wait to see all my friends again in two weeks! and next week i finally get to head back to the great state of Colorado. to see my family, to camp, to get sushi, and to enjoy the amazing people there. i love my life, and my life loves me.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

7 week break, so far a success!

Well i have truly had a great summer so far. I have stayed up in rexburg to work. I am doing the grounds crew/ landscaping for the school. I love the people i work with, we have alot of fun, do alot of work, and i am learning alot more about how to be a good landscaper. (it does take skill, i kid you not.) So after work, it usually consists of hanging with my roommates, watching movies, floating the river, and attempting to learn how to play HALO. we have nothing else to do, and there is hardly anyone in town, so i actually do not mind a little relaxin. haha. but this last week has been great. it was my vacation. i left for the land of California, down to san deigo to see my amazing friends, Ryan and Kim Denny get married in the SD Temple. it was an amazing wedding, i made alot of great new friends, but it defintely sucks because they are in Chicago. It sure can be a pain when you meet someone who is pretty awesome, and then you realize... they are half away across the US. not too convienent. haha. but we still had fun. i got back from SD, been hanging with SKy and Jory. and then i got to go to another amazing wedding yesterday for my fav mission companion, Davey Williams. We went down to Manti. It was amazing. i am just so blessed to have the friends i have, and the experiences i get to be apart of. I love my life, and my life loves me. Its pretty cool, i will not lie :)