Tuesday, February 18, 2014

thought process

I do not blog as much as I probably could. I feel like I have a lot of things that I could write about, but anytime I think to write, I come up with excuses not to. It is kind of like writing friends on mission. The intention is there, but come P-day, I once again forgot. Oh well, they should be busy teaching and serving anyway. But I want to share some random thoughts with you from my life lately. Take it for what it's worth, which could be a lot or little depending on what you are looking for in your life right now. These thoughts are going to be random, in no order and not categorized, just written as I spill them out of my brain.

- Growing up is stressful. I make it more stressful then it needs to be. But it is.
- Why didn't I drive to Mt. Rushmore for President's Day? That would have been so cool to do that. Drat.
- I hate bills, but I am establishing good credit, so it is bitter sweet.
- Call me crazy, but I kind of miss homework.
- Since graduating, I have more time to myself, to think, reflect and often over think about the future. It is splendid.
- Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke at my Stake Conference last week and I loved it. He spoke about personal ministry, the ability to serve others and bless people. When speaking about service and the ability to provide it, he said, "don't become paralyzed into inaction. Just because you can't help everyone, doesn't mean you couldn't still help someone." I loved hearing that. All service is good, great or small. He also talked about the power of the Atonement. Not only does it remove the sin, but it also has the power to remove the stain of that sin from ones life. To truly let go of all sin, what a blessing huh? It is possible. And I love knowing that.
- Elder Batt, an area seventy also had great words. He talked about learning the difference between problems and inconveniences. Your "problem" is often just an inconvenience that you have magnified due to selfishness... Pretty bold, but I believe it.
- I have come to realize that I really do not like to be alone. I like having company, being with other people. It is nice to have your own time, but for the most part I really love to socialize.
- I miss my family and at times struggle with the fact that this part of life is a new path where you do not just go home for breaks from school or because you want to.
- Being an adult, it's a weird feeling. But I am adjusting.

Until next time..