Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bi-Polar Start to Winter

well the snow cannot decide whether or not to stay. we got a few inches a week ago, which was fun because we made a fun little jump with the buds and enjoyed it for a few hours.but this last week has just been bitterly cold, but hardly any snow. it will look sunny, and it deceives you because you step outside and instantly freeze. maybe that is why i have been less than social towards people lately. Plus the fact that this last week was, pardon my french but, the week from Hell when it comes to work and school. even with the lack of snow, there were still plenty of early and random hour mornings of work. the snow would melt, but freeze at night, creating a frozen pond over most of the sidewalks. lucky us, we do the snow removal for all the girls dorms and for some of the most popular spots on campus, so we get to get up early and check for ice, spread ice melt and shovel any snow drifts that occur because of Rexburg's Famous wind. So that threw off my sleep patterns like crazy, plus then school kicked my trash.

i had a media law test this week, usually takes 2 to 3 days to complete, not fun, but i pulled a B on it. So im stoked. i also had a science exam and PR exam, oh and lets not forget the PR campaign we just started in my class, that is going to be a lot of work, but it will be real good experience. it is stressful because of all the other stuff i am doing, but it is going to be cool to do. I also have a big project on my online class, Persuasion. we are going to make an issue book, focused around the idea of illegal immigrants and the funding they receive from the US for schooling. so, just a big, long week full of tasks, but thanksgiving could not come at a better time!

I will be heading with one of my best friends, Taylor Evans and her family down to Las Vegas, to enjoy some warm air, make some money at the casinos(jk.....) and just enjoy a break. Ive known Tay for over a year now, and I have met most of her family, so i am very excited and blessed to be apart of their thanksgiving. We are going to have fun, "totes." (she doesnt like that word) or the word "elder" for some reason. weird. i dont know, but either way i am stoked.

Despite the stress and weird work schedule, life is good, i am blessed,and i love my family and all they do for me. You guys have no idea how lucky i really am to have them.

love you all

Enjoy this video, its from our snowboard sesh with our little jump. (graham pulls the backflips, i wear the lime green pants, and other friends.)