Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Roller Coaster Semester

Well this last semester of college was one filled with busy times, drama, stress, lack of sleep, fun, enjoyement, and overall a great growing experience. I made alot of great new friends this semester, people that i will stay close with for along time, I tackled 16 credits and a job, and still kept a pretty active social life. I tried the dating scene, learned some valuable lessons, good and bads. No regrets, just life lessons learned. I had the chance to see close friends fall in love with their future husbands and wifes, I saw people struggle through personal problems, and i am now able to take those things and apply them personally.
I learned alot this semester, and now I need to take what I have learned and use it to my benefit. For instance, I love to be weird, I love to stand out, but as I get older and face serious situations, I see the need to be more mature in situations. Example: I love wear animal shirts. But I found myself being in more situations around superiors where I felt uncomfortable wearing them. I realized that I want to make a postitive impact, and that means giving up some childish things. Dont get me wrong, I will still wear the fun shirts, but I want to present myself in a professional manner, and I know that I can still have a blast, have fun and be professional when it comes time to be.
I also learned alot about relationships this semester. It seems like I pretty much saw it all this semester, from seeing friends fall in love, to hard break ups, to confusing "i dont know what she/he thinks about me" situations. The biggest thing I feel that I have learned from this is that, eventually I will marry someone, someone amazing, someone who deserves my full attention and support, one that i will love no matter what others think.. What I need to do is be actively dating and looking for that person who will feel the same about me. I am not saying get married in the next 6 months, I am just saying, start being serious about those I meet and date. If it does not seem right, I am not going to lead it on. If it feels good, I will sacrafice and make happen. I want to find someone who makes me smile. At times I feel like I know that person already, and other times I am just confused. We will see what the future brings.
This semester taught me alot about hard work. I honestly do not think I have ever work as hard as i have in school this last semester. I learned alot, and it felt good. My Public Relations teacher did a great job. he was not nice about grading, he gave us a true grade, and it was humiliating alot of the time, but through his honesty and teaching, we learned the right way to write and present, and in the end I feel that much more prepared. it felt really good to see the end result, I am proud of myself, but i still know i have alot to learn.
Overall, this semester was great, i love my friends, i love the experiences i had, and i love the chances i had and am having to learn from what i do on a daily basis.
Enjoy some pictures below from the semester....