Tuesday, June 10, 2014

hey.an update.

Hey. This is an update. I thought, hey, maybe i should write an update. I think I will be able to do it like every month or so, which will give me enough to talk about, maybe. But yeah, so here ya go.

Work has been really good. We have brought on a few new team members because we are growing. There is about 10 to 12 of us now. We have also picked up some new clients in the last few weeks and it is awesome. It has been really fun to grow and adapt and build our company. I am excited to see how the rest of the summer goes. We are getting into the season of a lot of client events and parties to help promote our clients. So it will get pretty busy. But a good busy. So work is awesome. I am pretty happy with what we are doing. I am learning a lot about how to be a better communicator and businessman with clients and coworkers. It is awesome.

Outside of work, life is awesome. Just been trying to take advantage of the summer weather that I wish would last longer. Idaho is so pretty and fun when you can get outside and enjoy the weather, but its just so short compared to the cold weather. So we try to adventure as much as we can. Along with the adventuring, I met an awesome gal. Hannah Titus. Well i met her last fall, well kinda. I added her and her friends on twitter and they still give me crap for being that weirdo, but I regret nothing. So I took her out a few times at the beginning of the spring, after overcoming my nervousness of doing it. Needless to say, Hannah is awesome. And I have a lot of fun with her. It never gets old being around her and she is witty enough to keep me in check. If you get a chance to meet her or her friends, you are lucky. They are a really fun group and there is never a dull moment with them. I dig it.

Oh I also helped Jess brand cows with his cousins. That was an experience for sure. it was cool  and I have a lot of respect for farmers and ranchers.

I am going to California at the end of the month to see my friends Graham and Miles and also visit my brother Braden and his family. I am pretty stoked for that. It will be nice to see the kiddos. Summer is going pretty fast, its weird. Its already the middle of June practically. Oh and Taylor Z and Nicky got engaged last weekend. So they are getting married August 9th. Tyson and Hanna get married August 29th. So it will be fun to go to all the weddings.

Ok well here are some pictures:
Hannah wears the helmet on the scooter. Safety first. Fun second.

some of the cows we branded

my job was to tie their legs and hold them while they got branded. they pooped a lot.

Hannah and I in #Beloved sweatshirts.

Audrey and Hannah feeding cows

Professional shooter

Guns go bang bang

She's cute.