Friday, February 17, 2012

Up to Date, its an Update

Life lately has been pretty busy but pretty good. I love colorado. So lets see...first off, the new years resolution is doing great. still eating good, still exercising and still losing weight! I just hit under 200 lbs. so thats 15 lbs atleast! im pretty stoked and feel good.

Lets see, I went to Winter X Games in january with my friend matt, my pops, my sister and brother in law. it was up in Aspen, CO. And it was amazing. see some of the pics above. we had fun, weather was ideal for the situation. we saw some amazing talent and just had a freaking awesome time. i am very glad we went. thanks pops!

work and work is going well. it is so nice to have money again. haha. i havent been this rich since last august, and you wouldnt even call the amount of money i have now super rich, but its a start. hard work does pay off. the day job at the plastic factory is good. its pretty busy and tiring, but it makes the weeks fly. its crazy. i am in love with my internship. i love social media and working with it to make other businesses grow. its pretty amazing. it feels good to really enjoy something and to see myself doing this down the road. SEO for life. haha.
lets see, for valentines day we went with some of the singles wards kids to a Alzheimer Clinic and delivered cookies. See some of the pics above. me and Emma. about every 3 minutes she forgot who i was exactly, but it was really fun to talk with these wonderful ladies and make their day, or atleast moment. i am going back this next week to play bingo with them. i think i want to try and go on a regular basis. it felt really good to be there and make them happy. so i had a blast.

other than that, just been hanging with some of my friends, you see Chandler in one of the pics. also been hanging with Abby G, Jordan, Becca, Brooke and friends. so its been nice having some social stuff to do, last winter was way anti social. my job was from 3 to midnight, so i had no time to have fun really. oh! and been snowboarding a few times with my bro in law, Jordan. It was fun. ill post a link to the page below. actually, right here =( )
so watch that.

so far so good. a good winter, i love being around my family and love being in colorado. i do miss my friends at school, and it is fun to hear from them, but sometimes its not too fun to hear because you know they are having fun without you and it just makes you bummed. haha. so i try not to get too excited, but at the same time i love talking to them. haha, it just makes me miss them alot. but spring is coming faster than ever.

but yes, life is good. I love my life, my family, my religion and my future. its going to be a good one.