Sunday, May 18, 2014

the life lately.

My ever so random updates continue. Highlights:

1) Went home for a week to Colorado
2) Attented a Colorado Avalanche Playoff Game
3) Saw my Niece
4) Spend good quality time with the family
5) Worked from home (Im a business man now)
6) Spring started for the college kids
7) Work is really good. 
8) Made some new friends.
9) Been consistent with my daily journal writing.
10) Im happy.

Needless to say, there is not much to complain about in my life. Work has gotten busy, which is awesome. We are getting new clients and learning more about what we can do to help our company and those we represent and help. It is a fun, learning process and I love it. The weather is not quite up to par yet, still gets cold and rainy, but speaking of, I have been golfing a few times. I look forward to being able to go a few times a week once the weather stays nice. 

We have been on a couple fun adventures/camping excursions so far. This time of year is really pretty up in the mountains with everything turning green. Its great. We had our annual cinco de mayo party, which was awesome. We made a giant Taco pinata. It was a big hit, man im funny. I have made some new friends and love it. We still have our old crew and group of friends but a lot are gone this summer for summer sales and all. So its been good to branch out a little and Im glad I have. 

Oh and i turned 25 last week. My friends rock. They threw me a surprise BBQ and I had no idea, so that was great. 25 isnt too bad, more weird to think about than anything, but its fun. halfway to 50. boom baby.

Enjoy the pictures:

Until next time.