Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013RECAP // 2014GOALS

Well shoot fire, I havent been on this bad one in a while. Lets do a quick 2013 recap to get you up to speed:

(pics below)

Was home for winter semester
Starting physical therapy on my third knee surgery
Got and worked an internship for Turner Public Relations in downtown Denver
Visited the #shel9 crew in Rexburg

Continued physical therapy and internship
Enjoyed Valentine's Day by myself
Enjoyed family time

Finished physical therapy
vacationed in Aspen and Glenwood Springs (home to the biggest hot spring pools) with the fam.
Got ready for school

my car died leaving me stranded in the mountains.
my parents which should receive the parents of the year award, came with a new car they bought that day for me to use and helped me get to my best friends wedding just in time.
Finished my internship
Moved back to Rexburg
Started my senior year of college

continued school and work for grounds crew and Poobah Marketing (remotely)
visited Colorado with all my school friends over Memorial Day
Turned 24!
Swam a lot outside, jumped a lot of bridges

continued school but quick my grounds crew job.
continued to swim and spend as much time as possible outside
went fly fishing inside of Yellowstone National Park
Started a new job with The Dealio (ill explain the company below later)

Finished my first semester of senior year
partied a lot
got good grades
drove back home

7 weeks off from school, my last big break
went to North Carolina with my family to a beach house for a week, AMAZING!
went to Mexico with Skyler, Sam and her family.
went to Laguna Beach for a week to visit my friends Jayme and Kelsey.
jet skied a lot at home
worked from home
(I was able to travel for practically free, I somehow had about 20,000 travel points in my southwest account, so i decided to use them before they went away, I have no idea where they came from.)

Moved back to Rexy for last semester of college.
Continue work for The Dealio
enjoyed the last bit of warm weather
golfed a lot

continued school
#shel9 bought power ranger morph suits for halloween
Threw a sweet halloween party
still golfed a lot
quit drinking soda

Went to Utah to visit Taylor E. She is grown up now, and still a babe.
Did my Senior Showcase project and rocked it!
Surprised my parents and came home for Thanksgiving.
finished up golf season
still soda free

My last month of college
Accepted a full time job with The Dealio after graduation.
Celebrated Dillon's birthday, it was his first semester. we had a blast.
Got all A's and one B
GRADUATED with a major in Communication with a PR emphasis
Came home for Christmas and saw all the fam
Celebrated NYE with friends
still soda free

and now I am here...

Needless to say, it was a very good year for me. Started with some physical and emotional trials, but overall extremely blessed and grateful for what I have. I love my family, their support and desires to see me do my best. I love my friends and knowing that I can count on them and trust them for anything. I love my life.

Now lets talk some goals:

1) Read more (scriptures, motivational books and novels of my choosing)
2) Create a system where I take advantage of my time and do my best.
3) I want to be the best employee I can be at my job.
4) I want to get healthy. Routine exercise and much better eating habits. continue my soda free fast
5) Think more about others and stop thinking about myself.
6) I want to attend the LDS temple weekly.
7) I want to keep a highlight journal daily.
8) I want to have no idle time, stay busy and focused.
9) I want to have less drama in my life
10) I want to make others happy, so that I can be happy.

Help me fulfill these goals. And I'll help you too.

Life is great and I will do better at updating this. Once my job starts I will get you clued in on it.

Enjoy the pics.



 being cray cray
 me and T-NAS-T
 Oh herro
 Spear Siblings
 Giant slip n slide at the sand dunes
 We get rowdy
 #Shel9 roomie pics
 excellent form
 me and Tay Tay
 hi mexico water weenie. i hate tubing
 Nicole and I enjoying some shooting
 somebody call 911, shortys fireburning on the dance floor
 dat reach doe sammie
 i like guns.
 me familia
 that one time
 group dating, so 2013.
 the crew at a demo derby
 me and chadicals.
 me and my bestie
 oh hi anna
 leannnn back, CO style
 Wii Not Fit soccer team
 dats an AR-15
 me and Tay Tay
 traditional pic
 the crew in CO
 fav pic of 2013
 try to catch me riding dirty
 USS North Carolina with Lucy
 spread my wings and fly away
 love, love love IDAHO
 hi sammie
 hey TK
 guns go bang bang
 The Dealio crew
 hi hi sam sam
 more ouch
 hi braden
 L U C Y 
 Hi Mexico
 get me armani
 Miles and Emma Wedding
 Boi Band
 Cowboys and Indians Dance Party
 kool hats
 Back street back alright!
 Da Boys
 We so hood
 The Fam Damily
 dancy dance
 Date auction
 Dealio Charity Event
 #Shel9 Christmas Card
 hi pops
 63rd Ward! ( for two years!)