Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to school, back to school

Hey friends. I am back to school. two weeks in and it is pretty busy. between school and my two jobs, its going pretty well. I am finding good balance and still having a blast with my friends. Stay tuned for more news on my adventures and life this semester. I feel like it will be a good one.

In the mean time, check out my new pair of pants I just got. Mine are white, but super stoked. The picture is a link to it, if you want to check it out.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Forgot to tell you about NYC

So I forgot to tell you about the last part of my summer break. it was probably the best ending to a summer I have ever had. I had the chance to go to NYC with my dad to watch some of the US Open for Tennis. We went over labor day weekend. I will post some pictures below, but Ill tell you how it went.

It started pretty crazy. We were originally suppose to fly out of denver straight to Newark NJ at 6am denver time. We get to the airport at 4 30 am to find out that our flight has been delayed for a minimum of two hours, possibly longer. we did not have any set plans for that friday, but did want to get in and settled for the rest of the weekend. The flight was a mess, we eventually ended up volunteering to take a flight to houston texas, taking a layover and then heading to newark, which would get us there by 4 in the afternoon. We also go food vouchers and ticket vouchers, so made about 700 bucks in flying money. Not too shabby. It was annoying, but oh well, we fly to houston. Dad slept, i did not because I was in the middle being squished by him and a guy who practically engulfed me. I was a little flustered, but he was handicapped, so i cant be too mad.

anyway, we got to houston, had our layover time, ate some much in the humid airport. i hate humidity. haha. but then they start loading us on our flight on a huge 767 plane. Well we get seated and now this plan has problems. the battery had to be replaced, which took 1.5 hours, and eventually they took us off the plane because air traffic was too busy. so the flight was delayed for up to 4 hours, so we were over it. at this point pops decided to make this an adventure. long story short, we got a plane to take us to Philadelphia, we of course had a philly cheesesteak and then we took the train from philly to jersey. all in all, we made it to our hotel just outside of newark around 1am. it was quite the adventure, started out being very frustrating, but turned into something that we could laugh about and i can honestly say i got to do that with the perfect person. I am just like my dad, well i like to think so, so i was very thankful to be with him. to be pissed at the airlines with him, but to eventually laugh it off and make it fun. We have a good time together.

we finally get to bed, the next day was our all day pass at flushing meadows to watch tennis! we take up, and take the subway out to flushing, NY. The US Open was amazing, I had been one time before in highschool with my tennis team, and always wanted to go back with my dad because he is the one who got me into tennis in the first place. So we had a blast. We saw alot of great players. Some very generous lady, who had been attending the Open for 41 straight years gave us her tickets to see federer play. So we got to go into the main stadium, Arthur Ashe stadium and see him whoop some butt. I also got to see Murray, and other top 20 players. It was seriously so amazing. The grounds of the area are awesome. Everything tennis and lots of rich people. It was pretty fun to people watch.

After being at the open all day, we went back into manhattan and met up with some of my best friend, Kim and Ryan Denny. They moved to NYC last year for a job with Pepsi, and it was seriously such a treat to see them. I have known Kim since my freshman year and got the chance to really become great friends with Ryan through their dating and engagement and eventually got to be a groomsmen in their wedding. So seeing them brought back a lot of great memories. We went to go get some sushi in SOHO, where we just happen to see Kevin Costner! We wanted a picture with him, so i yelled, "Mr. Costner! You did a great job in Hatfields and McCoys (a mini series on History channel, and yes i actually did watch it. it was amazing, but anyway) and i think you are great. Can we get a picture?" he looked annoyed but let us do it anyway. it was perfect, Kim had a childhood crush on the guy, so it was great. see pic below. so we did that, got some very good sushi ($$$$) and then had a chance of a lifetime. If you ask me, a possible one and done type of deal, personally. hahaha. we went to this place called Rice to Riches. It is actually in the movie Hitch. But anyway, it is a gourmet rice pudding dessert place. they had all kinds of flavors. so it was pretty fun to do that. it was better than i thought it would be, but yeah...haha. Anyway, it was a great day at the open and seeing the Dennys. They are the greatest, if you ever meet them, consider yourself lucky. seriously.

Anyway, the next day we did one of those double decker bus tours all through manhattan. we saw harlem and where michael jackson performed and we saw lots of cool catherdrals. We got off the bus at central park and walked around. we got off at the top north end of the park, dad wanted to see the penguins in central park zoo, so we walked to them, which was at the south end of the park. That park is amazingly huge, ask my feet. haha. but we get to the penguins and it costs too much and is too crowded so we didnt seem them, but thats ok, we burned some calories and saw an amazing park in the middle of a booming city. so cool. after that we took a very expensive taxi ride down to ground zero to see the memorial site. my cousin cortney got us tickets. what a nice gal, seriously. it was very humbling and amazing to see the site.

After that we hit up china town and bought some fake stuff. when in china town, you must. we also saw little italy. then we went back up to times square. we hung out in this huge Brazilian festival. I wonder if brazil has big USA festivals...doubt it. haha and then we met up with my cousin, cortney and her friends for some authentic NY pizza at....SBARRO! hahahahaha just kidding, we went to this sweet place that my dads friend told him about. it was really fun to eat their and see my cousin. I have not seen her in seriously like 7 years or something. So sunday was spent doing the tourist deal. We even got to see the LDS temple in manhattan on the bus tour. Way cool.

Monday we just spent relaxing and getting ready to go back home. we made home around 5 denver time.
that was amazing trip, i had a blast with my dad and we did quite a bit of different activities within such a short time. i love my dad and the things he does for his children and family.

Everything can change in a New York minute.....ooooooooooo ewwwwwwwwweeeee  oooooooooooo

until next time...