Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Chalk Another One Up

Well hot dang, this year was pretty amazing. I do not intend for this post to be super long, but just wanted to recap this last year for me. I had an amazing year and learned a lot about others, myself and about life in general.

January 2012: I stay home for the winter semester, and was able to land an internship and job. I started interning with Poobah Marketing ( This firm specializes in SEO and online marketing. The internship was amazing, and I have been working for them part time this whole year. I have learned a lot about what I want to do as a future career because of this company. I am very thankful for it. I also worked at Caroba Plastics. They make plastic pieces for medical parts. It was a factory, pretty cool to learn about and I am thankful for that job, but glad it's over.

February 2012: Was a pretty chill month, just worked a lot and enjoyed home. I was able to snowboard with my brother in law, Jordan, a few times. I also hung out with Chandler Brown and Abby Gallacher a lot. A pretty quick month.

March 2012: I continued to work for both jobs, but this month was fun and crazy. At the end of the month I went out to Utah for the Festival of Colors to meet up with all my besties from school. It was an awesome weekend and I had a blast. I also was able to snowboard with Skyler. But it ended up not being a good thing, haha. I got back from Utah and had a really bad pain in my lower stomach. Turns out I had a hernia, so I had to get surgery. School started 3 weeks later, so it was pretty rushed. I had surgery while my parents were in Hawaii so my sister helped take care of me. it was a pretty minor surgery and all healed well, I just had to take it easy for a few months.

April 2012: I was suppose to go to Mexico with Sam and her family right before school but because of surgery I had to bail out. I was a little bummed but that is ok. School started up and it was awesome to be back! The first bit of school went great. I was working for the school doing landscaping and had my online job, so I was busier than i have ever been but also was saving money too. It felt good. Oh and I got pink eye, that sucked bad.

May 2012: Up at school and my birthday was this month. It was a good birthday, the big 23. I am getting old, haha. Spring semester is the best at school. We do a lot of stuff outdoors and have a blast doing it. Met and made some new friends and gals and it was awesome.

June 2012: a continue of may pretty much. we just had a blast and did alot of bridge jumping, camping, shooting guns and doing manly things. haha.

July 2012: 4th of july rocked. it consisted of getting pulled over for shooting fireworks out of the car on the highway, floating the river with a bunch of friends which turned into me and Sam having to hitch hike on a road back to the end. We also saw the Rexburg parade, and then we headed down to Idaho Falls. They have the best firework show west of the Mississippi. We got a sweet spot right on the river across from where they shoot them off. We were with all our friends and it was a great way to end an adventurous day. haha. July was also the month when the semester ended, and we had made some sweet plans for our 7 week break.

August 2012: at the end of july, i went down to Bear Lake with Taylor Klein and his family along with Sam, JOJO and Miles. We had a blast. We got raspberry shakes for dayz, went to the lake, 4 wheeling and shooting guns. it was just so fun, and we made many great memories, such as the bear lake dance place. (ask me about it if you really want to know, hahaha) After being there for a week, i headed back to CO and spent time with my family. all my siblings were able to come back for my baby nieces baby blessing. Larissa had her baby, Lydia earlier in the summer. So we spent many days at the lake jetskiing and made some sweet videos with our gopro camera. After being home for a bit I went down to Mexico with Sam, her family, TK, and Annalisa. and we had a blast. right on the beach. got tan, had fun and just relaxed. It was so fun and nice to get away and enjoy chilling. I got back from mexico and was home for 2 weeks and then went off with Dad to NYC to watch the US Open for Tennis. we also did some sight seeing, saw the Dennys and just had a blast. I got back to denver a week before school started, skyler flew in to party and jetski and then we headed back to Rexburg.

September 2012: Fall semester started and we were having a blast. School is school, but i really liked my classes this semester. first good month.

October 2012: the month from hell, haha. school was going great, but I ended up tearing my ACL and meniscus in the same knee ive done it before twice on. We were playing soccer when it happened. I did school in a wheelchair for a week and decided I needed to come home. My dad flew up the weekend before halloween and packed me up and we drove home. it was really hard to leave but i needed surgery. So i got home and prepped.

November 2012: I had surgery Nov 8th and it went really well. I got a new ACL and they had to remove my meniscus this time. So no more soccer or football and maybe no snowboarding, we will see. I just need to be smart and protect it. I started physical therapy two weeks later and still go. The PT is awesome. Recovery has gone super well, and I was able to go to Dallas with my family to see my extended fam for thanksgiving. it was really fun and I enjoyed the trip alot. My knee was doing good too. I also found out i could go back to Rexburg for finals for the last two weeks. I had be given access to continue my classes from home, so I did not have to drop any classes. Very blessed.

December 2012: i flew back to rexburg and suprised everyone. I didnt tell anyone except for Skyler. haha it was so fun to do that. School was great, ended up getting the best grades ive ever gotten, so i was stoked! And it was fun being back and seeing everyone and meeting new people too. I look forward to spring. I came home from school and just been continuing to do PT for my knee and enjoying family time and Christmas. I got a shot gun and it is dope!!

Overall this year has been full of memories and trials, but everything has been amazing. I feel like i packed a lot into this year and it was amazing. I am thankful for everything I've learned and for the experiences I had. This next year should be a good one too. I am back home for winter, landed another internship with Turner PR as a digital communications intern. I am stoked. (

I am thankful and you should be thankful for your year too. Happy New Year~


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to the Grind

Well last time I updated you all I was in Colorado. 3 Days after that, I was back in Idaho. I had kept it a secret to all my friends except for a few who would help me surprise all of the rest of our friends. I flew into Idaho Falls on Dec 1st. I came back to see friends and finish my schooling. I was able to do all my school work from home, and wanted to come back for finals and make sure everything was squared away, and it has been beyond busy, but also a really good time. Seeing old friends and throwing them off those first few days were awesome. haha. I got a lot done with school and tomorrow I will be done after my final two presentations for classes. It feels good to have another semester done. I have also had a lot of fun with my friends this last week or so and have met a few new friends that I am pretty jazzed about to.

Essentially, I feel really blessed right now. Heavenly Father has really blessed my life. I have had a great recovery with my knee, been able to do school and come back and finish the right way. I am excited for this next winter with my continuing knee rehab and new internship with Turner PR in Denver. I am a little bummed that I have to leave. Rexburg is a fun place with a lot of good people. I will miss my friends this winter, but hopefully get to visit. I have learned a lot about myself this last month with recovery and all the down time. I have learned what I need, what I want and what is most important for me at this point in my life. I know that the situations I have faced, the trials, and the people I have met are all part of helping me become a better person. And I like it.

Life is good.

This is betty, our car. we bought this for 400 bucks.

this is a cow/newest friend from today

Erin, Curty, Cow, Macy