Tuesday, September 6, 2011

F is for Family.

This Labor Day weekend was spend just outside of Estes Park,CO. As a family, minus Braden, Katie and the kidlets, we went camping. And it was alot of fun. Between the squirrel in Larissas food bag that scared the crap out of her, the amazing views of Rocky Mtn National Forest, walking main street in Estes, the wildlife (including the momma bear and two cubs we saw), the baseball and horsehoes, the fires we made, the dutch oven food we made, going to church in the mountains smelling like a campfire and the time spent remembering old memories of growing up together, it was amazing. There is something about being with those you love out in a part of the country that is so beautiful that really makes you appreciate your life. I am so blessed to have the family i have. to share the experiences i share, and the fun i get to have with them. I can not, and will not ask for better parents. They are my best friends, i have been through thick and thin with them, and regardless of the silly mistakes i may make, they still love me. They support me and help me to realize my potential. My siblings do the same. We are all so different, but man, when we get together and start having a good time, there is no place id rather be.

Family is the best, and the best is my family. I hope that all of you can say the same about yours. F is for Family.