Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Spring is trying really hard to come, but we get cold weather and crazy wind still. After all, it is Rexburg, so I do not expect anything different really. But this winter has been great. I have been able to snowboard, which I never thought I would do again after three knee surgeries. It was awesome. I have also been able to enjoy spending time with friends and working on personal goals. I kept a journal everyday for the whole month of March. Haven't been that good at journaling since my mission. So going to keep that up. We also went up to Jackson, WY a few times. It is way fun up there to go to minor league hockey games and explore. I dig it. I also went to an Indian Casino and watched Midget Wrestling. Yes, it exists. We also went to a Monster Truck Rally and got super redneck. At work we helped put on a 5K, Silly String edition with a local bike shop here in town. It was really fun. Here are some pictures of this winter.

Until next time. Love you people.