Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Update: 2013

Family, Friends and Foes,

I hope you are having a good winter. I am here to give you a little update. Last time I blogged was ALLLLLL the way back in 2012 (dec 31) so really not that long. But anyway, let me update you on my life, my happenings and all things that go with it.

I stayed home on my off track and am here until April. I was able to land a sweet internship with Turner Public RelationsTPR is a "boutique public relations firm specializing in PR, social media and digital communications representing some of the world’s best resorts, destinations and brands." 

I am having a great time and learning a lot about the Public Relations and Digital Communications world. As a digital communications intern, I work with online content for some of our clients. My job includes writing blog posts, creating content for Facebook and Twitter outlets, creating themes and boards on pinterest, researching influencers that will help our clients online and help overall build and sustain our clients online presence. It has been awesome to take what I already know from school and my other job Poobah Marketing, and apply it to a PR firm specific to a certain industry. It has been great to be in an office setting and seeing the business world. I am also getting a good taste of the Agency world and how fast pace and high stress it can be. I am very thankful for this internship and the priceless experiences I am having and learning. I will end my internship in mid April right before heading back to school.

So I have been doing the internship part time, Tuesdays and Thursdays  and I spend the other days working for Poobah Marketing. I have told you about them before. I interned with them last winter. They are a local SEO marketing firm. We have a diverse clientele, but majority of our clients are medical related professions. I have worked for them for a year now and have learned amazing things and learned how to use great tools online. This winter I picked up some additional responsibilities with the company and I am very thankful for it. A lot of the things I have learned with Poobah have paralleled the work I do at TPR. So it is really cool to get engulfed in a line of work that I am interested in. I am really learning about what I want to do, and what I am capable of as a person. None of it has been easy, but as I push myself and dedicate to the work, it all works out.

Along with working these two jobs, I have been continuing my physical therapy for my knee. I ran for the first time in 4 months last week! and it felt great! I have been going twice a week and starting the week after next I will move down to once a week, which I am stoked about. I have also been going to the gym every day and getting back into shape. I started counting my calories and have lost about 10 lbs so far. I am eating around 1720 calories a day. It was hard at first, but I am getting more used to it. In fact this week, I am going on a fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and water only diet. I am going to try it this week and see how it goes. I am excited to really push myself. I will try it this week and then I head up to Rexburg for the weekend to see my friends. But before I get, i use this app to count calories and record my exercise. It is called "My Fitness Pal" If you are in the need to dieting or even just an easier way to control what you eat and know how much you are eating, then get it on your phone. it is great.

but life has been great. I have been able to use my new shot gun a little which has been great, but with all this gun control crap going on, all ammo is selling out, so that is a little frustrating. hopefully it gets better.

But life is good. I am very thankful for the experiences I am having this winter. Every winter I learn a lot about myself, my potential and what I need to do to prepare for the future. Everyone needs time like that, so make some so you can do the same thing.

Much love, and enjoy the pics